Norio Asano

This characteristic blue is referred to as “Asano blue”.

If you shine a light on this blue in the dark, you will think of the bottom of the sea, or the edge of the universe.


Oriental zodiac sake cup and goblet “Rabbit”


Incense burner “Playful Elephant”


Incense burner “Heron”


Square plate with circle design

21-cm plates with different designs


“A fish swimming in water”

Norio Asano


1970  Enrolled at Kyoto Prefectural Craftsman Training Center
1972  Began studying under master potter Kanzan Shinkai.
    Became a member of the Kyoto Potters’ Club, founded by the late 6th Rokubei Kiyomizu, member of the Japan Art Academy.
1981  Began studying under master potter Fujio Kitade.
    Opened the Kyokusen-Gama kiln.

Holds many solo exhibitions.

Exhibits his work in department stores and galleries all over Japan.

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