Kazuo Takayama

The matte texture of this piece was achieved by
striking the surface.
While the striped design is simple, the color combination and gold accent produce a depth of expression.


(Overglaze incense burner decorated with gold)


(Overglaze bowl with maple leaf paintings
decorated with gold)

(Overglaze bowl with gold stripe design)


Iroe-kinsai-ban (Overglaze tray decorated with gold)

(Overglaze cylinder decorated with gold)


Iroe-kinsai-kyusu (Overglaze teapot decorated with gold)


Kazuo Takayama


1988  Exhibition of Five New Kutani Ware Artists: Nihonbashi, Nagoya, Kyoto, Sapporo “Maruzen”
1997  Issuikai Ceramic Division Exhibition: Ikebukuro “Seibu”
2003  Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition: Nihonbashi “Mitsukoshi Honten”
2008  Kazuo Takayama Overglaze and Gold Exhibition: “Gallery Hagi” in Kaga

2009  Kazuo Takayama Overglaze Exhibition: “Gallery Ko” in Ginza

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