Ichizo Yamashita

Fun dishes that make you smile involuntarily.
Dishes with an abundant sense of fun.

Hold them in your hand, and you will be surprised at how easy they are to use.


Triangular sake pitcher and matching small sake cup


Elephant cup and saucer

Elephant rhyton


Ryo-kamonohashi-hachi (Dish with platypus spouts)


Mitsu-kubomi-hachi (Dish with three hollows)


Ichizo Yamashita


1988  First solo exhibition at “Hana” in Shinjuku.
2002  Made three umbrella stands (three cylinders) and an umbrella hanger for the entrance of the
     Kutaniyaki Art Museum, Kaga City.
2004  Conducted a workshop at the Clay Symposium in Canada.
2006  Made a monument for the roof of Kinmei Elementary School in Kaga City.

2008  Made Miyashiro tiles for Skip Square in front of the government building in Miyashiro Town, Saitama Prefecture.

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