Choza Yamamoto

The many impurities contained in Chinese zaffer produce the distinctive unevenness of this sophisticated, unique underglaze decoration.

(Medium-sized underglaze blue bowl with floral design)



(Medium-sized underglaze blue plate with
flower and bird design)


(Underglaze blue incense burner decorated with children and arabesque design)


(Tea set for green tea)

Choza Yamamoto


1990  Commissioned by the Imperial Household Agency to make porcelain with the imperial crest for Their Majesties the
     Emperor and Empress.
1991  Made 11 Japanese-style dishes for an Imperial banquet of the Imperial Household Agency.
1993  Made hors d’oeuvre plates to be used for Crown Prince and Princess Masako’s Imperial wedding banquet.
2000  Commissioned by the Japanese government to make a large white porcelain plate decorated with gilding to commemorate the
     125th anniversary of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures’ “Metre Convention”.

2007  Made a Japanese sweets plate celebrating Prince Hisahito of Akishino.

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